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Please note that older WSLF documents recently converted to electronic form are added periodically to the documents library and may not appear here when added. In addition, links to items of interest from other sources are added frequently to our various subject matter specific links pages, including our pages for New Document Finds, Military Space documents, Iraq Resources, War and Law, and Civil Liberties and Government Secrecy.


Media Advisory: "Failure to Disarm: Holding Our Government Accountable" August 6 Hiroshima Commemoration, Protest & Nonviolent Direct Action at Livermore Lab Highlights Courageous "Nuclear Zero" Lawsuits Brought by the Marshall Islands pdf msword

Hiroshima Action August 6 at Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab  

Bay Area peace and justice advocates will mark the 69th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan at the Livermore Lab, where the U.S. is spending billions of dollars to create “new and modified” nuclear bombs. 

The Wednesday, August 6, 2014 event is titled, “Failure to Disarm: Holding Our Government Accountable.” Participants will gather at the northwest corner of the Livermore Lab (at Vasco & Patterson Pass Roads). The event begins at 7:30 AM.

The one-hour program will feature music, art and speakers, including Western States Legal Foundation Executive Director Jackie Cabasso. Rick Wayman of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation will offer the keynote address on the recent lawsuits brought by the Republic of the Marshall Islands against the U.S. and 8 other nuclear powers for their “Failure to Disarm.”

At 8:30 AM, there will be a “call to action,” immediately followed by a procession to the Livermore Lab West Gate, where a Japanese folk dance will be performed. Those who choose will peaceably risk arrest. Others will witness and support.

 For more information, contact Western States Legal Foundation at 510-839-5877 or Tri-Valley CAREs at 925-443-7148. For a pdf flyer for the event, click here.
U.S. Conference of Mayors Adopts Bold New Resolution Calling for Constructive Good Faith U.S. Participation in International Nuclear Disarmament Forums; Commends Marshall Islands for bringing lawsuits against U.S. and 8 other Nuclear-Armed States

Article by Jackie Cabasso, WSLF Executive Director and Mayors for Peace North American Coordinator. For a pdf of the article click here.
Dinner—Music–Information at Café Valparaiso
A benefit for Western Siates Legal Foundation.

Join us for an update on Western States Legal Foundation's recent and upcoming activities — with dinner and music.
Thursday, June 26, 2014. Dinner: 6 pm. Program: 7 pm.

Enjoy delicious Chilean and Latin American cuisine accompanied by the music of Duamuxa, followed by updates from WSLF Executive Director, Jackie Cabasso, Senior Research Analyst, Andy Lichterman, and WSLF Board members. Find out what's happening in nuclear disarmament land and how WSLF is engaged in current challenges and opportunities. Café Valparaiso, 1403 Solano Ave, Albany. No-host dinner (pay your own way).

RSVP REQUESTED: (510) 839-5877 or wslf(at)earthlink.net For more about the event, click here for a flyer.
Facing the Dangers of 21st Century Great Power War: A Conference on the Centenary of World War I
This conference, held May 3, 2014, in New York City, provided an opportunity for reflection and discussion on the world wars of the last century, and about the risks of great power war today. The conference will be held alongside the 2014 preparatory committee meetings for the 2015 Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review conference. It brought together activists and academics with knowledge and experience relevant to emerging dangers in key regions, from wars, resource conflicts and profound ongoing political realignments in the Middle East, to growing tensions in the Western Pacific over territory and resources as well as the U.S. strategic “pivot” to Asia. Speakers addressed the risks of great power war, the implication of those dangers for peace and disarmament efforts, and the kinds of movements we will need to build to forge a path to a more peaceful world.

The Conference conveners and sponsors were the American Friends Service Committee, Peace and Economic Security Program, International Peace Bureau, Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung—New York Office, and the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms and its U.S. affiliates, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy and the Western States Legal Foundation.

Material from the conference, including texts of addresses, the conference program and call, and audio or video of the panels, can be found at http://afsc.org/resource/facing-dangers-21st-century-great-power-war-conference-centenary-world-war-i

Andrew Lichterman, senior policy analyst for WSLF, spoke on the first panel, his address is linked here: Looking forward, looking backward: World War I, today's risk of great power war, and nuclear disarmament.
Open letter calling on President Obama to move from talk to action on nuclear disarmament by engaging constructively and in good faith in all international disarmament forums.
This is the third letter in a series initiated by the Western States Legal Foundation, Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy, Peace Action, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, American Friends Service Committee and Peace Action New York . It is timed to coincide with the upcoming 2014 Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meeting for the 2015 Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which will take place at UN headquarters in NY, April 28 – May 9. The letter, with the 61 initial signatures, was sent this week to President Obama and the other officials cc’d. The final letter, now with 107 organizational signers, will be hand delivered the U.S. delegation and the NPT Prepcom. We will also are publishing and distributing it as an "Open Letter to President Obama" as widely as possible.

Here’s how the letter opens:

Dear President Obama,

During the closing session of the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague on March 25, 2014, you cited a number of concrete measures to secure highly-enriched uranium and plutonium and strengthen the nuclear nonproliferation regime that have been implemented as a result of the three Nuclear Security Summits, concluding: "So what’s been valuable about this summit is that it has not just been talk, it’s been action."

Would that you would apply the same standard to nuclear disarmament! On April 5, 2009 in Prague, you gave millions of people around the world new hope when you declared: “So today, I state clearly and with conviction America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.” Bolstered by that hope, over the past three years, there has been a new round of nuclear disarmament initiatives by governments not possessing nuclear weapons, both within and outside the United Nations. Yet the United States has been notably “missing in action” at best, and dismissive or obstructive at worst. This conflict may come to a head at the 2015 Review of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

We write now, on the eve of the third Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meeting for the 2015 Review Conference of the NPT, which will take place at UN headquarters in New York April 28--May 9, 2014, to underscore our plea that your administration shed its negative attitude and participate constructively in deliberations and negotiations regarding the creation of a multilateral process to achieve a nuclear weapons free world. This will require reversal of the dismal U.S. record.

The full text of the letter is at wslfweb.org/docs/Obamaletter416.doc (ms word) or wslfweb.org/docs/Obamaletter4.28.pdf (pdf)
Vandenberg Air Force Base: Local and Global Connections, text of a talk by Andrew Lichterman at the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space annual meeting, Santa Barbara, California, March 15, 2014.

Ukraine Resources page
Readings on the crisis in the Ukraine, providing background missing from the mainstream media, from a variety of perspectives.
Global Day of Action Against Military Spending, April 14, 2014
April 14, 2014 has been declared as the fourth Global Day of Action Against Military Spending (GDAMS), coinciding with the release by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) of its annual statistics on global military spending. GDAMS was initiated by the International Peace Bureau, recipient of the 1910 Nobel Peace Prize, and is coordinated by an international coalition of organizations including the American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action, and United for Peace & Justice. You can find out more about GDAMS at www.demilitarize.org

Ask your Mayor to issue a Proclamation Declaring April 14 and 15, 2014 as Global Days of Action Against Military Spending (GDAMS). Click here for the GDAMS Mayoral Proclamation and Mayors for Peace Tool Kit.
Report from the 5th Nagasaki Global Citizen's Assembly for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Nov. 2--4, 2013, by Jacqueline Cabasso.

Urban Shield and the Militarization of the Civilian State, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Information Brief, October 2013.

The Rush to Bomb Syria: Undermining International Law and Risking Wider War, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Briefing Paper, September 2013.


Film screening of the Ultimate Wish: Ending The Nuclear Age and panel discussion
Join us on September 26, 7 to 9 PM, All Souls Church, 80th and Lexington, for this wonderful evening of film and talk, with Kathleen Sullivan of Hibakusha Stories, Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation, Abolition 2000 and Mayors for Peace, and Akira Kawasaki, Peaceboat, ICAN, and Abolition 2000. Unitarian Church of All Souls, 1157 Lexington Ave. New York, NY. For more information, click here for a pdf flyer for the event.
WSLF 30th Anniversary Summer Newsletter and Appeal
If you missed our Summer 2013 mailing, click here for the online version..
WSLF supporters now have the opportunity to order pictures from our 30th Anniversary celebration!
These photos were taken for us by James Lerager, a peace activist, professional photographer, and long-time friend of WSLF. If you were at the event, you might find great photos of yourself with friends, family members, or even with one of our celebrity guests! Click here to view and order photos.

Mayors for Peace 2013 Action Kit
On June 24, the US Conference of Mayors unanimously adopted the Mayors for Peace resolution Calling for US Leadership in Global Abolition of Nuclear Weapons and Redirection of Military Spending to Domestic Needs. Click here for a list of ideas on how to use the resolution and for links to resources, including a model city council resolution that can be adapted for use in your town or city. Mayors are well placed to understand the impacts of bloated military spending on human needs and on the public services we all depend on. This powerful statement calling for new priorities provides us with a wonderful opportunity to get that message heard! Let’s run with it!!
WSLF Executive Director Jacuqeline Cabasso is North America coordinator for Mayors for Peace.
Hiroshima Action August 6 to Protest Nuclear Weapons at Livermore Lab: Daniel Ellsberg to Speak at Rally; March and Nonviolent Direct Action to Follow 
Bay Area peace and justice advocates will mark the 68th anniversary of the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the Livermore Lab, where the U.S. is spending billions of dollars to create “new and modified” nuclear bombs. 

  The Tuesday, August 6, 2013 event is titled, “Unfinished Business and Our Most Urgent Responsibility; Banning the Bomb at the Livermore Lab and Globally.” At 7 AM, participants will gather at the northwest corner of the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Laboratory, Vasco Road and Patterson Pass Road in Livermore.

The program will feature Okinawan music by Genyu Kai, Taiko drummers, speakers and more. Daniel Ellsberg will deliver the keynote address. Also featured will be Rev. Nobuaki Hanaoka, a survivor of the U.S. atomic bombing of Nagasaki. Attorney Loulena Miles will discuss current nuclear weapons activities at Livermore Lab and author Cecile Pineda (Devil's Tango; How I Learned the Fukushima Step by Step) will illuminate the bomb's connections to nuclear power. Pete Yamamoto, the “Mayor of J-Town,” will read a poem.

Immediately following the program, at approximately 8:15 AM, will be a “call to action,” in which participants will be invited to march a short distance to the Livermore Lab West Gate. Those who choose will nonviolently risk arrest. Others will witness and support. 

This event is organized collaboratively and is cosponsored by the Livermore Conversion Project, Western States Legal Foundation and many other groups. For more information, contact Western States Legal Foundation at 510-839-5877 or Tri-Valley CAREs at 925-443-7148.

Click here for a downloadable flier with event details, nonviolence guidelines, sponsoring organizations, and information about the August 5 Peace Camp Out on the back. (The flier can be printed in color or grey scale.)
The U.S. Conference of Mayors, meeting in Las Vegas June 21-24, unanimously passed a resolution CALLING FOR U.S. LEADERSHIP IN GLOBAL ELIMINATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND REDIRECTION OF MILITARY SPENDING TO DOMESTIC NEEDS”! For a press release summarizing the process and the resolution, click here. For the full text of the resolution and the list of co-sponsors, click here.
Half Life: Celebrating 30 Years of Peace and Nuclear Disarmament with Special Guests Dennis Kucinich, Daniel Ellsberg, Rose Aguilar, and and Representative Barbara Lee

Daniel Ellsberg, WSLF Executive Director Jacqueline Cabasso, Rose Aguilar, Dennis Kucinich. Photo by James Lerager

Representative Barbara Lee introduces
Dennis Kucinich. Photo by Myles Boisen.

"You know you've accomplished something," wrote Gar Smith for the Berkeley Daily Planet, "when a birthday rolls around and Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich and Daniel Ellsberg all show up for the party. That was the case on February 10, when the Western States Legal Foundation marked its 30th year as a nuclear watchdog." "An Anti-nuclear Half-Life Celebration Rocks an East Bay Night," Berkeley Daily Planet, , February 14, 2013.

Emceed by KALW radio host Rose Aguilar and featuring keynote addresses by Dennis Kucinich and Daniel Ellsberg, the event drew hundreds of WSF supporters and friends. Representative Barbara Lee introduced Dennis Kucinich, and WSLF Executive Director Jacqueline Cabasso reminisced a bit about WSLF, and also gave an overview of current struggles against nuclear weapons and nuclear power. (Video of these talks are linked below). The plenary was preceded by a reception featuring a variety of food offerings from local businesses.

The WSLF staff and board extend their thanks to all those who have supported us for the last three decades, and also to the many volunteers who helped to make this anniversary event a success.

Videos of addresses at the event, by the Ecological Options Network.

WSLF Executive Director Jacqueline Cabasso, introduced by Rose Aguilar

Representative Barbara Lee's address introducing Dennis Kucinich

Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich's keynote address

Daniel Ellsberg's keynote address

The Rush to Bomb Syria: Undermining International Law and Risking Wider War, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Briefing Paper, September 2013.
The role of science and technology in driving nuclear weapons modernization: a reappraisal, By Andrew Lichterman, talk delivered at an NGO side event organized by the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility on the role of science and technology factors driving nuclear weapons modernization, during the 2013 Preparatory Committee meetings for the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference, Geneva, Switzerland, April 23, 2013.
Issue Update: Subcritical Tests, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation, Fall 2012.
Nonviolence or nonexistence, democracy or nonexistence, Andrew Lichterman, address to Hiroshima remembrance gathering, August 5, across the street from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, California.
Atoms for Peace,Then and Now, by Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation Commentary, Summer 2012.
The Bechtel Corporation: San Francisco's Engineers of Empire, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Nuclear Connections series, Summer 2012.
Nuclear Connections is a series of brief analyses that explores the relationship between nuclear institutions and the global economy and its power structures, with an emphasis on organizations and institutions with a physical presence in the San Francisco Bay Area and the American southwest.
Rhetoric vs. Reality: Nuclear Dangers in a Time of Growing Global Economic and Environmental Crisis, by Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation Information Bulletin, Spring 2012.
New report on nuclear weapons modernization world wide

The Reaching Critical Will project of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom has released a new report on nuclear weapons modernization. The report, titled Assuring Destruction Forever: Nuclear Weapon Modernization Around the World, can be downloaded for free and hard copies are available for $8 from the Reaching Critical Will website (click here).

The report explores in-depth the nuclear weapon modernization programs in China, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and analyzes the costs of nuclear weapons in the context of the economic crisis, austerity measures, and rising challenges in meeting human and environmental needs. It features three pieces by WSLF authors. Andrew Lichterman, senior research analyst for Western States Legal Foundation, wrote the chapter on the United States and a chapter on the role of civil society and social movements in creating the requisite political will for disarmament, and John Burroughs, Executive Director of the Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy and a WSLF Board member, wrote a chapter on international law and nuclear weapons.

The chapters also are available separately as pdf files. Below are the links to chapters written by WSLF staff and board members.
Chapter on U.S. nuclear weapons modernization, by Andrew Lichterman

Chapter on international law and nuclear weapons modernization, by John Burroughs

Civil Society, Social Movements, and Disarmament in the 21st Century, by Andrew Lichterman
There will be a launch event for the report in Vienna, Austria on Thursday May 3, one of a number of NGO events scheduled alongside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty preparatory committee meeting the first two weeks of May. The launch event will be in Room M2 of the Vienna International Center, May 3, 1:15–2:45p.m.
Vandenberg Air Force Base: Where the Present and Future of U.S. Warmaking Come Together, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Information Brief, Spring 2012
Nuclear Connections: Weapons and Power in the Age of Corporate Globalization, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Information Brief, Fall 2011
Nuclear Weapons at What Cost?, by Jacqueline Cabasso, Western States Legal Foundation Information Brief, Spring 2011
START: One Small Step for Arms Control, One Giant Leap Backward for Disarmament? by Jacqueline Cabasso, WSLF Commentary, Winter 2011
"Nuclear Disarmament, Civil Society, and Democracy," by Andrew Lichterman, Disarmament Forum, 2010 No.4
The START Treaty and Disarmament: a Dilemma in Search of a Debate, by Andrew Lichterman, Western States Legal Foundation Commentary, December 2010.

NPT 2010: Rhetoric vs. Reality, by Jacqueline Cabasso Western States Legal Foundation Information Bulletin, May 2010

Workshop presentation, Superficial politics, fundamental causes: some reflections on the relationship between the movements to abolish nuclear weapons and to stop global warming, by Andrew Lichterman, International Conference For a Nuclear Free, Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World, Riverside Church, New York, May 1 2010.

Civil Society, Disarmament and the Need for New Beginnings
By Andrew Lichterman, Disarmament Times, Spring 2010
Western States Legal Foundation Reprint version

Beyond arms control: challenges and choices for nuclear disarmament (Paperback - May 2010)
A collaborative work of non-governmental researchers and activists who critically examine the mainstream discourse of nuclear weapons. With contributions by Western States Legal Foundation executive director, Jacqueline Cabasso, Board members Andrew Lichterman and John Burroughs, and Counsel Michael Veiluva, the book explores some of the most important challenges that governments and civil society face at the 2010 NPT Review Conference and beyond, highlighting the prospects and pitfalls for nuclear disarmament in the current world order. Throughout, the authors demonstrate that nuclear disarmament must be pursued in the context of a broader movement for social and economic justice and equality. Edited by Ray Acheson Published by Reaching Critical Will, a project of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. Read on line or order paperback: http://www.reachingcriticalwill.org/resources/books/beyondarmscontrol.html
NPT 2010: Rhetoric vs. Reality
Address by Jacqueline Cabasso, Executive Director, Western Stats Legal Foundation Public Hearing, Challenges to Peace and National Sovereignty--The NPT Review, Brasilia, Brazil, April 7, 2010

NPT 2010: Putting President Obama's Disarmament Rhetoric to the Test
Nagasaki Global Citizens' Assembly for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons February 6--8 , 2010 Address by Jacqueline Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation
Nagasaki Appeal 2010

NPT 2010: Putting President Obama's Disarmament Rhetoric to the Test
By Jacqueline Cabasso, Expert Advisor to the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation Peace Culture Newsletter No. 64 (English), April 2010 (contributed January 2010)

Burdens of Proof: Iran, the United States, and Nuclear Weapons A Global View
by Michael Veiluva, Western States Legal Foundation Counsel (Paperback - July, 2009)
Burdens of Proof, by Michael Veiluva, offers a rare and unique set of insights into the ongoing and complex political and legal implications surrounding the United States and Iranian political negotiations over Iran's growing nuclear program. Grabbed right from today's political headlines, author Veiluva adds valuable information that will inform and enlighten anyone concerned with today's international political situation. Veiluva's Burdens of Proof examines several fundamental themes critical to understanding the current state of U.S./Iranian relations: the "cold war" that has existed between the two countries since 1979, Iran's nuclear program, the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency, American nuclear weapons developments, and the international legal implications of the U.S.'s doctrine of preventative war. Written as a one-stop guide for anyone interested in the current crisis with Iran, Burdens of Proof brings a new voice to the complex debate over Iran's perceived ambitions and the rule of international law. Order from Amazon: click here
WSLF IN THE NEWS: WSLF staff and board members appearing or quoted in print and electronic media
What's Next for the Nuclear Disarmament Movement?
By Lawrence Wittner Yes! Magazine (Blog) June 14, 2010

Other Voices TV No Nukes?
Jackie Cabasso discusses her experiences as an NGO representative at the recent UN conference on nuclear weapons. (58 mins) Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, June 1, 2010

U.N. Nuke Meet Ends with Good Intentions and Empty Promises By Thalif Deen, Inter Press Service, May 29, 2010

International News Net World Report New START pact between Russia and the USA Round Table discussion with Jacqueline Cabasso and William Hartung May 26, 2010

Some Activists Losing Faith in Obama Nuclear Weapons Agenda Friday, May 7, 2010 By Elaine M. Grossman Global Security Newswire

If You Love This Planet: A Weekly Radio Program with Dr. Helen Caldicott Jacqueline Cabasso with the latest on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation efforts Blog post and audio download Recorded May 6, 2010; posted May 24, 2010

U.S. plans major increase in nuclear budget By Yumi Kanazaki, Staff Writer Chugoku Shimbun, Hiroshima March 8, 2010 (posted online March 12, 2010) WSLF Executive Director Jacqueline Cabasso, quoted here, provided the background for this story during an interview conducted at the 4th Global Citizens Assembly for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons in February, in Nagasaki, Japan.

WSLF board member Andrew Lichterman on KPFA Radio's Against the Grain, February 3, noon.

A segment on the KPFA show Against the Grain featured WSLF's Andrew Lichterman talking about nuclear weapons issues in the context of the global economic crisis. The show is archived on the KPFA web site and can be accessed there. The segment was a portion of a a longer talk delivered at the Alameda Public Affairs Forum, the full talk can be accessed as an mp3 file. Links to both are below.

Against the Grain, February 3, 2010

Andrew Lichterman, talk at the Alameda Public Affairs Forum, September 12, 2009

See Disarmamentactivist.org
U.S. Conference of Mayors unanimously adopts resolution “Calling for U.S. Leadership in Global Elimination of Nuclear Weapons and Redirection of Military Spending to Domestic Needs”
WSLF Executive Director Jackie Cabasso serves as North American Coordinator of Mayors for Peace.
Military Spending: Researching Impacts on your Campus or Community
This page provides links to information and research tools useful for researching the campus and community impacts of military research and of weapons production, with an emphasis on pages which provide links to further resources.
United for Peace and Justice Nuclear Disarmament and Redefining Security Working Group page
Western States Legal Foundation participates in the Nuclear Abolition/Redefining Security working group of United for Peace and Justice. This page provides information, documents, and links relevant to the working group.
Civil Liberties and Government Secrecy Page
Links to a variety of information and opportunities to take action to contest the rapid erosion of civil liberties resulting from the U.S. government's approach to its open-ended "war on terror." This page also has links to resources on government secrecy and freedom of information, including several sites providing good information on how to pursue Freedom of Information Act requests from the initial request through litigation.
Iraq Resources
Links to a variety of resources, ranging from special Iraq sites of major media organizations to analyses of the human and economic impacts of the Iraq war and occupation.
War and Law
Analysis by WSLF and others of legal issues relevant to the Iraq war and occupation.
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