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What Can We Do to Get a Real National and Global Debate about the Path to Elimination of Nuclear Weapons?

        There are no easy answers to this question. Our political process has failed badly to address these issues in a serious and comprehensive way, and ordinary citizens acting alone have little voice in forums dominated by huge, entrenched institutions and concentrated wealth. But if you care about this issue, you are not alone. And when we act together with thousands and then millions of others, ordinary people can make themselves heard. In 1995, Western States Legal Foundation (WSLF) and other groups seeking a truly international approach to nuclear weapons issues, not tied to the national security policy of any individual state, founded the Abolition 2000 Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons. By 2000, the Statement issued by Abolition 2000 had attracted over 2000 endorsing organizations and municipalities in over 90 countries, including over 450 organizations in the United States. Abolition 2000 is working in collaboration with the Mayors for Peace Emergency Campaign to Ban Nuclear Weapons to create the political will and commitment among individuals, citizen groups, community and civic leaders to call for concrete plans for a nuclear-weapon-free future and the total abolition of nuclear weapons by 2020.

        Abolition of nuclear weapons most likely will not be possible unless accompanied by major changes in the way that the United States government uses military force, and in its relationship with the large, concentrated economic entities whose interests are served by U.S. foreign and military policy. Western States Legal Foundation also is working closely with United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ), a large national network of groups which opposed the Iraq war and which advocates a more peaceful economically just, and ecologically sustainable future. UFPJ's disarmament work is coordinated through its Nuclear Disarmament and Redefining Security Working Group

        WSLF also works closely with campus campaigns focusing on the impacts of military research on the universities, particularly those focusing on the University of California, which manages the main U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories at Livermore, California and Los Alamos, New Mexico. For more on these campus efforts, see the web sites of Fiat Pax and of the U.C. Nuclear Free Campaign.

        For more on the path to the abolition of nuclear weapons, see our Tools for Activists page.

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