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Health and Environmental Impacts of Radiation-- Assessment and Standards

Western States Legal Foundation participates in various administrative proceedings affecting procedures or setting standards for environmental and health assessment concerning nuclear weapons, nuclear power, and radioactive materials generally. WSLF works to assure thorough and open public participation in review of environmental and health impacts, particularly for communities directly affected.
Comment on Predecisional Draft Charter for the Advisory Committee on the Health Effects of Radiation, July 2000

Comments on Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issue Paper, Major Revision to 10 CFR Part 71, Packaging and Transport of Radioactive Material, July 2000 pdf download

Patrice Sutton, Western States Legal Foundation, “Scientific Decision- Making and the Public Health Impacts of the US Department of Energy Nuclear Weapons Program: A Community Perspective, Presentation to Student- Scientists working at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on US Department of Energy Fellowships,” November 18, 1999 (viewgraphs, pdf download)

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