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        In December 1998 Western States Legal Foundation (WSLF), together with 38 other peace and environmental groups, won a major victory in a long-running lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for failure to provide adequate environmental review of its plans to clean up the mess created by more than 50 years of nuclear weapons research and production. In an innovative settlement, DOE agreed to set up a national, publicly accessible database providing for the first time comprehensive, detailed information about the hazardous and radioactive waste resulting from nuclear weapons activities. DOE will also provide $6.25 million to assist community groups and tribes across the country in assessing the complex technical issues surrounding the ecological and health effects of nuclear weapons activities. Together, the database and monitoring fund provide an unprecedented opportunity for affected communities to do their own independent analysis of the impacts of past and continuing nuclear weapons development.

        DOE also agreed to conduct a study on the "long-term stewardship" of its contaminated facilities, to assure protection of people and the environment at sites where DOE has completed or plans to complete cleanup. For information on DOE long-term stewardship efforts click here.

        The Natural Resources Defense Council was lead counsel in the case. WSLF served as communications coordinator for the plaintiffs' coalition throughout the litigation, keeping groups around the country informed, tracking discovery compliance, and gathering their input during settlement negotiations. For more detail on the settlement, click here

        The settlement fund for technical assistance to communities affected by nuclear weapons activities is accepting applications for grants. The fund is administered by RESOLVE, an independent environmental mediation organization. RESOLVE is assisted by an advisory board consisting of representatives of the plaintiffs in the original lawsuit and from other affected groups and communities across the country. A WSLF representative serves on the advisory board. For information on the technical assistance fund and how to apply, click here

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