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Air Force Space Command, Strategic Master Plan for FY02 and Beyond

Air Force Space Command, Strategic Master Plan for FY02 and Beyond

This key document sets out an ambitious blueprint for the further militarization and future weaponization of space. It provides more detail on specific programs than its successor document for FY04 and beyond. Many of the programs in this Clinton-era document are proceeding under the current administration. Each chapter or section must be downloaded separately. The links between chapters are absolute rather than relative, referring to the original site where they were located, and hence no longer function.

Cover and introductory matter

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: AFSPC Vision

Chapter 3: Current Capabilities

Chapter 4: Integrated, Prioritized AFSPC Needs

Chapter 5: AFSPC Strategy to Implement the Vision

Chapter 6: Integrated Phased Implementation Plan

Chapter 7: Assessment

Chapter 8 Programming and Budgeting Guidance

Chapter 9: Action Plan

Appendix A: IPP Process description

Appendix B: Evolving Developments and Initiatives With Planning Impacts

Appendix C: Rationale for Prioritization of Concepts-solutions.htm

Appendix D: References

Appendix E: Acronyms and Abbreviations

Appendix F: Distribution List

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