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This site is dedicated to helping the National Security Space (NSS) community gain insight and information regarding the NSS enterprise.  The enterprise is a construct composed of systems planned and fielded by DoD, Civil, and Intelligence elements of the United States Government. This Road Map is one component of a larger master plan envisioned by the NSS Architect (NSSA).  The NSS Master Plan documents the NSS Systems Architecture which is both the NSS Road Map and the documented results of multiple Architecture Development Team efforts.  Our NSS Master Plan implementation focuses on futuristic goals, mid- and long-term architectures, and an Integrated Road Map database to link today's programs to tomorrow's vision.   More specifically, we have set the following objectives for the Road Map:  to act as a Common Architectural Picture of the NSS enterprise; to provide a common frame of reference within which we integrate our investments in space; to map our technology initiatives to the programs they support; an to create a common technical vision for the future of the National Security Space enterprise.  Our goal is for the Road Map to serve several vital functions: a management tool for senior decision-makers; a strategic planning and analysis tool for stakeholders; and an awareness and education resource for the entire National Security audience.

          Your feedback and inputs on how we can improve or expand this tool are critical to its long-term success.  Please direct your comments to Lt Col (sel) Mike Ulisse, Office of the National Security Space Architect,  (571) 432-1405.   Please let us know how well the Road Map is meeting your needs.     


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