Title (U)

(U) A concise top-level narrative defining the program/project and highlighting key concepts. this top-level description potentially could be used in the CBJB submission to summarize initiatives of the NRO.

Description: (U)

(U) Narrative text with sufficient detail to answer questions to motivation, capability provided and technical parameters.

User Impact: (U)

(U)Textual explanation of how this initiative will benefit and/or affect our users.

Programmatics: (U)

(U)Status. shared: organization. funded: organization. atp: mm/yy. decision level: organization. ioc: mm/yy. foc: mm/yy.

Lead Office: (U)

(U) Office name.

Point of Contact: (U)

(U) Organization/Office/Name/Phone Number.

Road Map Associations: (U)

(U) A listing of the road maps where this initiative appears.

Related Initiatives: (U)

(U)List of related initiatives.

(U) Additional text describing other initiatives that influence this initiative.

Date of Information: (U)

(U) Date the narrative was last updated.